Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Luckily this has all stopped and now the Marlborough Sounds are a protected area with several predator-free islands used to raise Kiwi Birds and other endangered species. They look identical to the naked eye. The only difference is that sounds are formed by flooding river valleys, as opposed glacial valley flooding. The Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, is a beautiful region at the top South of years ago by rivers are now covered with water from the Pacific ocean.

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Tour the western end of Queen Charlotte Sound on a half-day paddling adventure from Picton. Follow an expert guide from the water to remote coves and beaches. Search the waters for eagles rays, cormorants, little blue penguins, New Zealand fur seals and dolphins while you learn about the natural history of the Marlborough Sounds. People travel from all over the world to hike in Marlborough Sounds because of the dense forest and beautiful views. The Queen Charlotte Track is the most famous, which takes up to five days.

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Why is Marlborough good for wine?

  • Join E-Ko Tours for a dolphin swimming tour to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. Just take your pick from Picton or Havelock and cruise out into the majestic setting of Queen Charlotte or Kenepuru Sound. A popular option is a mailboat cruise. Cougar Line, Beachcomber Cruises and Pelorus Mail Boat take passengers out on the water to remote areas of the Marlborough Sounds in order to deliver mail. European history of the area is considered to start with Captain Cook’s visit to the sounds in the 1770s, discovering a plant (Cook’s scurvy grass) high in vitamin C which helped to cure scurvy amongst his crew.

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    Glacially formed valleys that were flooded by the ocean make up the Marlborough Sounds’ splintered coastline. A waterworld of bays, inlets and hidden coves, above the sealine it’s spliced with ridges clad in native forest and peppered with small farming and fishing villages. Marlborough, New Zealand’s largest wine area, is known for its Sauvignon Blanc and picturesque Marlborough Sounds. Marlborough, Havelock at the top of South Island New Zealand is a great tourist spot with tours, cruises and boat charters. As with hiking, kayaking the Queen Charlotte Track can be an independent or guided adventure.

    The track can be walked in either direction but almost everybody takes the passenger boat from Picton to Ship Cove and walks back . The full track takes 3-4 days to complete, but the frequency of boats make it easy to choose a shorter section or even skip walking altogether and travel exclusively by water. The Queen Charlotte Track is 70 km long and takes between 3 to 5 days to walk. The Queen Charlotte Sound, Kenepuru Sound, and all the bays, coves, are breathtaking.

    Rising sea levels and subsidence caused the destruction of coastal valleys, creating the beautiful Sounds with 1500km coastline that runs along forested ridges or islands. The four main sounds are Mahau, Kenepuru and Pelorus. Queen Charlotte is the most well-known for her stunning coastal hike, the Queen Charlotte Track. Sunny Marlborough, located at the top of South Island, is a well-known New Zealand wine region. Marlborough is home to 75% of New Zealand’s wine industry and produces some of the most delicious and renowned Sauvignon Blancs in the world. The area is also famous for seafood – if you’re on tour in the region with us, your guide will help you sample these wares. Under the winter sun, the Marlborough wine region’s lush valleys and sloping vines are at their best.

    Cruise up the Queen Charlotte Sound to historic Ship Cove. Enjoy tea and coffee while you listen to live commentary about historical and natural landmarks in the region. Keep an eye out for marine life, such as Hector’s dolphins and little blue penguins. These dolphins are the most rare marine dolphins in the world. After about an hour’s journey, your boat drops anchor at Ship Cove.

    All onboard accommodation, meals, and all activities at the shore, including pre- and post-cruise transfers. Wandering cabins are located on the Lower Deck and feature one lower single bed, ample storage with drawers and wardrobes, and a private en-suite and porthole. Salvin’s Double Cabins are located on the Lower Deck. They have a double bed, plenty of storage with drawers and wardrobes, TV, PABX satellite phone, private en-suite and a picture window. The Buller’s cabin is located on the Lower Deck. It features one bunk, ample storage with drawers and wardrobes, TV, PABX satellite phone, private en-suite and a porthole. Heritage Explorer A new era of exploration along the New Zealand coast has begun with the addition of the Heritage Explorer to Heritage Expedition’s small ship fleet.

    • Marlborough Sounds is well-known for its wildlife. You can see seals, dolphins, and whales.
    • The Queen Charlotte Track is 70 km long and takes between 3 to 5 days to walk.
    • The Marlborough Sounds are located at the very tip of the South Island and cover over 4,000 square kilometers.
    • French Pass, located at the southern end D’Urville Island’s southern end, is a notable among them. It has many vortices.