Miss Kitty,

It’s not easy to get past the cat-hating public, but if you’re searching for a true challenge, Miss Kitty is the game for you. At first glance, the eye roll is understandable, and it may even be followed by resentment towards more macho games like Guitar Hero or whatever else people like to play in their spare time nowadays. Believe us when we say that we all make mistakes from time to time; this kitty has some serious claws!

If you’re looking for a game with a lot of potential but also a lot of betting options, take advantage of the opportunity to gamble on video pokies from some of today’s top creators. With a plethora of options and lines at your disposal, as well as strong returnplayer ratios, there will always be possibility for turnaround wins!

Kitty, Miss

It’s no wonder that Aristocrat Technologies is the finest in their business after 50 years of invention. With various online casinos and the majority of brick-and-mortar sites solely partnering with them to house Pokies machines from all across Australia, you can discover what you’re looking for at any time or place!

You can enjoy the excitement of this favourite in Australia because it is almost always available in AUD. That’s always a plus!

General Design and Configuration

A 50-payline pokies game is both tough and strategic. Because each line pays out individually, the more lines you play, the better your chances of winning. If played correctly, a single bet of $0-4 can result in up to 200 coins!

If you’re playing on a tight budget, it may be better for your wallet to reduce the amount you bet per line rather than reducing them entirely. For example, if there is $5 on each spin and five lines altogether, try putting each individual payline at 10 cents instead of $1, with no other modifications made; this will allow players to enjoy bigger limits while being inside their budget range!

Specialty Symbols with Fixed Payouts

Except for the scatter moon, Miss Kitty’s wild cat symbol can replace for any other symbol to form winning combinations. This appears on all reels except one and three, where it only appears as a scattershot bonus wheel; nevertheless, if you line up two or three moons at once, they are worth 10x their normal value (or 100X). During normal gameplay, there will be enormous jackpots that can be boosted by lining them up with goldfish shells – this results in an astounding 1:10 times multiplier!

Progressive Jackpot & Bonus Game

Miss Kitty is not linked to a Progressive Jackpot, but she does offer the potential for really large prizes. If you get three Scatter Moon symbols in a row, not only will your total stake be increased by ten times its original value, but you’ll also get ten free spins! And what if the Wild Cat appears while the reels are spinning? He’ll take over half the reel right away before settling in for all following rounds of limitless fun – so get them both while they’re hot because when these wild animals appear together…their influence is quadrupled?!

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